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Image result for The Disciple-Making MinisterWe are still taking your comments on the free books we distributed to you on our  Back To The Bible Pastors Conference in 2011-2014. David Servant will like to know if we really distributed the Books to you and what impacts is it giving to your lives and ministry. Send your comments through our Guest Book__Dr.Zina

Well, I'm pastor David Sarpong, Having receive a copy of your Book in the Back To The Bible Pastors Conference in 2011 hosted Dr.Zina and Dr. Abdulai ,my ministry and co-pastors have been transform by your teaching. I want to thank you for blessing pastors in Ghana with your minister training manual"The Disciple-Making Minister,
By: David Sarpong Resurrection Hour_@Cape Coast.

Hello Sir,
 I'm thanking you so much for blessing Pastors here in Ghana by sending Boxes of your Books (The Disciple-Making Minister) to Dr.Zina. These Books were Distributed free of Charge to the participating pastors who attended the annual program of Dr.Zina which is the"Back To The Bible Pastors Conference,since I received this Book it has been my manual and other pastors always come to borrow it to read.God Bless. Rev.Sam Yeaboa. Our Of Grace Ministry.Ghana Akachi Volta Region

Hello Dr.Zina,
May God richly bless you for the good work you are doing by proving good leadership Book like "The Disciple-Making Minister. I want to thank you and the sponsor who made this Books available to us free. I want to testify that since I started using this books my approach to preaching and and Bibles teaching has been fantastic and now my the flocks that God gave to me now comes to Church early with the enthusiasm that they will be fed undiluted word of God. All thanks to you sir. Rev. Gideon Ofei.

I am Rev. Gilbert Jackson I have received three Copies of your Books for my Co-pastors and myself, and looking at what it is doing in our live and that of those who also received some. I can testify that your book The Disciple-Making Minister is really transforming the lives of Pastors here in Ghana.Thank you and keep sending more of your Books to Ghana so that other who need some will get copies to read.May God richly bless you.
By Rev. Gilbert Jackson.

Hello David servant,
I testify that you ministers manual has really shape the my life style in the lord.The Disciple-Making Minister is a Bible School in a form of Book. Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah.

Thank you Dr.Zina for your free book, it has broaden my understanding, it surprises you with its relevance to our lives and times, and leave you focused on the preeminence of Christ and the things above. That is "The Disciple-Making Minister for you.Be bless David Servant:
By Pastor.Kingsley Darko.

May the Lord bless you David Servant ,Your Books is blessing us here in Ghana,It's not only pastors, and teachers, but every believer finds this books(The Disciple-Making Minister) informative and motivating and it transforming lives here.Continue to bless us with more copies.
Rev.Theodore Hacman.!!

The Disciple-Making Minister has bless and transformed my Congregation and my church leaders, Yes it is only,The Disciple-Making Minister that can turn an ordinary Christian into a spiritual leader.
By__Rev.Denis Adarkwa

Thank you beloved servant of God I received five copies of your for my Church leaders I can assure you that it is theologically precise and emotionally stirring, And because its understandable nature makes it a valuable resource for ministers,teachers and laymen. Most of us also received copies your Books "Through the Needle's Eye through this year Back To The Bible Pastors Conference in 2014, and that one is also fantastic.May God bless you with his wisdom to educate his servants. Bishop.Michael  Tettoh Bible Teacher/Conference Speak.@Suyani Eastern Region.Ghana

I attended "Back To The Bible Pastors Conference in 2014". And I was bless with books 'Through the Needle's Eye and The Disciple-Making Minister.These books has enriched the collective wisdom of numerous pastors and myself here, and it has deepen my appreciation for you, your teachings, and all that God has accomplished in your Christian life.
God richly bless you.Evg.Francis Quarcoe_{}.

I was invited by Dr.Zina to their the Back To The Bible Pastors Conference in 2014"My fellow believers I have received and used The Disciple-Making Minister for years,I can tell you that it is a living stream. Drinking from its biblical insights will re-hydrate your soul with the water of God's Word and help you walk more closely with Christ in the spiritually dry wilderness of this world. It is a must read books for all pastors in Ghana and world wide.
Rev.Dr.Richmond Bayor Nigeria.
I'm Prophet Daniel Obinim, Thanks to Dr,Zina ,but Words cannot express how much the Lord spoke to me through this book The Disciple-Making Minister,it has comforted me and strengthened me and guided me to stand for the Lord at all Times. May God bless David servant your book is great. Prophet Daniel Obinim.

Dr.Zina gave my husband and I two copies of The Disciple-Making Minister to read. I couldn't put it down once I started. It is hard to find any pastor, teacher, preacher, evangelist, etc., who is looking for a book that will transform him cannot ignor it. Your teaching are right on point.Thank you David Servant (author) and may God increase your wisdom. Ps.Daniel Sarfo (President Taifa Pastors Association Ghana).

I'm Very much thankful to you for your great teachings. I cannot simply tell what these wonderful teachings in your bookThe Disciple-Making Minister have done for me as a Christian leader and my congregation.”We need more of your books herein Ghana. Pastor.David Servant May God bless you and keep you safe.
Rev.Seth Donkor Ofankor Bible Min_Dome Abra branch,Ghana

“Firstly David Servant,may I thank you for your amazing books including The Disciple-Making Minister. They have been life-changing.I pray God give you world-wide doors of opportunity for this timely word to be shared. May I please request that you send more of your Books to Ghana and Africa .”Alfred,Pastor and Conference Speaker.

Greetings to you servant of God.“How I look forward to your Book! They are always informative, challenging, convicting, and a great blessing. They not only bless me, but they are also a blessing to my congregation with whom I share the message with.Thanks so very much for your dedication to the Lord, your love of the Word, and your ministry to us all”
Dr.Abdulai |Christian Counselor.Liberty Bible Mission Ghana.

“I want to thank you for the copy of your new book (The Disciple-Making Minister). The systematic flow of teaching without any theological errs is some of the best I’ve seen in modern Teaching books. I love it. It is a solid,careful arrangement of the word of truth.Let the more of your Book come to Ghana so that it can get to many pastors hands”
__Pastor.Charles Agyin-Asare. Perez Chapel International.


“Your book (The Disciple-Making Minister) is a needed one, one book that every pastor in Ghana are so desperately in need to used. We are grateful to have one through Dr,Zina. And I hope and pray that more of the The Disciple-Making Minister comes to Ghana to help most pastors to gain experience in their respective field.
“I receive your wonderful teachings The Disciple-Making Minister, and want to continue to do so. I get so inspired from reading all of the Bible truths that are found in each topic.”
Mrs.Lezuru Bakayo_Borkina Faso.

“I recently read your book The Disciple-Making Minister, and I must say it is one of the best books I have ever read. I just wish I had had it to read years ago when I first became a pastor.I would like to receive more The Disciple-Making Minister please.
George Asante Our Of Faith Min.Ghana Ashante Region
“Dr.Zina sent me a copy of The Disciple-Making Minister. What an amazing book, and how insightful it is! Thank you for such a quality book which has confirmed so much in my life and has been deeply an encouragement and life-changing.God bless you.!! Prophet Robert Quartey. Word Fire Miracle Chapel,Accra,North Ofankor.
“This book Through the Needle's Eye was distributed 2014 Pastors Conference by Dr.Zina. It is one of the best I have ever read.I would also like to have your other book :The Disciple-Making Minister. I receive much through your writing and I preach on every chapter of this book, Through the Needle's Eye…it’s great.”
Rev.Samuel Korankyi Ankra.Light House Chapel.

Rev.Mike Koranteng, Your books have impacted my life, all the books I have read over the years have not come close to speaking to my heart and mind as yours have done. we need more of The Disciple-Making Minister in Ghana.  Thank you profoundly.”

“I am a Kanya missionary working among Ghanaian people,I'm working with Pastors in their remote villeges and towns here in Ghana. I am from kayan Pentecostal Union. I have your book The Disciple-Making Minister. Big thanks to you and Dr.Zina for it. It is good to have principles of biblical discipleship in one book. I think it will help me and other pastors to grow up as good Christian leaders.We need more of The Disciple-Making Minister in Ghana
Evangelist.Arek Torkus.Kayan